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chapter 24 and the epilogue

chapter 24
and the epilogue

Hope you liked it, thats the end.

chapter 22 and 23

chapter 20 and 21

Chapter 20

Chapter 21


chapters 18 and 19

chapter 18
Chapter 19

Read and enjoy...and message...Please?

Chapters 16 and 17

chapter 16

Chapter 17


Chapter 14 and 15

trying to finish it up. Just hang in there, please

Chapter 14

Chapter 15
Thats all for tonight. Comments!

Chapter 12 and 13

This one I'm dedicating to Friday the 13th. There's an interesting story about friday the thirteenth, you see. The Knights Templar--you know, the guys with all the treasure, Indianna Jones had to deal with them to get the Holy Grail--well, on a Friday the 13th, in 1307, they were anhialated by the French King and the Pope because they were wealthy and the king & pope were not. So they were excommunicated from the Church--banned, in other words, as religious traitors--and if they were caught (a lot of them were) they were tortured and then burned at the stake. So that's why I celebrate friday the 13th. Good Job Templars! 

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Enjoy! Its not my best work...but I hope you like it.

Chapter 10 and 11

chapter 8 and 9

I'm thinking about putting up some of my other stories. These segments are gonna contain a couple of chapters each from here on in. Lucky you.

 More tomorrow, if i'm in the mood..

Chapter 7

chapter 7 is up.