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Chapter 7

chapter 7 is up.

It was several minutes before you realized that he was completely unconscious, and pulled out quickly. He was a lot paler, and his breathing and heart-rate were shallow. You, on the other hand, were more full of energy than you could ever remember being. This was about a thousand times more powerful than any adrenaline rush. The leader smirked, seeing your amazement.

“It’s wonderful, is it not?” You could only nod in agreement, although, you thought, it had almost come with a terrible price. The other vampires were now smirking, and welcoming you among them. You smiled, and joined them, waiting.


One by one, the vampires slowly fell asleep that night, drunk on elfin wine that someone had produced, though it was long after midnight by the time all of them were asleep. You opened your eyes. You stood up carefully, and moved away from the tent you’d been ‘asleep’ in. You hurried toward the post the second you were clear of the sleeping area, where the others sprawled in a minefield of drunkenness. Korin had remained tied to it since you had gotten there. His breathing was still shallow, but the wounds on his neck were completely healed, you couldn’t even see them anymore. You quickly started to cut the knots that secured him to the post; you couldn’t do a thing with the knots. His wrists were bleeding a bit from the tight ropes, but he stirred.

Korin’s eyes opened. He blinked a few times, and tried to hold himself up without leaning on the cross. You caught him as he stumbled, and he smiled gratefully at you. He could walk, with support, so you moved away from the hated stake. Silently, he pointed toward the leader’s tent, apart from the others. That was where his pack and weapons were. You furrowed your brow, but helped him anyway. For someone who had lost so much blood, he could move surprisingly quietly.

You entered the tent slowly, making no noise. The pack and weapons were near the leader, but not so near that he was close to the silver in the weapons. You both froze when the leader gave a loud snore. You cringed again, earning a questioning look from Korin, who did not snore and didn’t have halitosis. You shook your head, signaling that this wasn’t the time. If you never saw the leader of this pack again, it would be too soon.




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