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chapter 8 and 9

I'm thinking about putting up some of my other stories. These segments are gonna contain a couple of chapters each from here on in. Lucky you.

Chapter 8


A second later, you both slipped back out of the tent; Korin was now holding the sword, daggers, and pack. You still supported him, so he didn’t fall over from the dizziness that comes with blood loss. You moved toward the woods, and reached the fringe quickly. Korin’s breathing was irregular, and you knew he needed a rest; you were still energized from the meal you had had earlier. You asked him if he wanted to stop.

“No, we haven’t the time. They’ll be awake soon. We can’t afford to be anywhere near here when that happens.” You wanted to argue, and had even opened your mouth to do so, but you shut it again and didn’t. He didn’t have the energy or the breath to waste. So you pushed on, letting him lead.

Finally, just as dawn was breaking, he stumbled badly. He fell, and accidentally dragged you with him, down a steep hill. You reached the ground after a long decent through whipping branches, bushes, sticks, and all manner of other painful objects. Korin had landed next to you, unconscious again. You crawled over to him, still winded from your landing. He was largely unhurt, which was a relief. Unknowingly, he also saved you both from discovery of the wrong sort.


Chapter 9


Just minutes after you landed, you heard the thud-thud-thud-thud of a horse. You looked up. A horse with a rider appeared in your line of sight, coming toward you. The rider was human, she was middle aged and had silver-shot brown hair and a worried expression. She pulled up her mount a few feet away from you. She moved toward Korin, which alarmed you, to say the very least.

“What are you doing?!” you asked, voice sharp with fear. The human regarded you oddly.

“You have a large pack of vampires on your trail, girl, clamoring for your—well, his blood. Unless you plan on making yourself and him invisible, you will be dead within a matter of hours. I myself have orders from their leader to bring you straight to him if I should find you.” she said, making your eyes narrow suspiciously. “However, I have absolutely no interest in turning anyone in to anybody, least of all either of you to them.” You still regarded her warily. She sighed.       

“You realize that he will die without my help, don’t you?” You gritted your teeth and nodded.

“Good. Help me get him on Storm.” Apparently, Storm was the horse. You did so, quickly.

You jogged quickly beside Storm, who carried Korin, back the way you came, until you came to a small cottage on the edge of a clearing. The two of you moved Korin into the cottage, onto a cot. She left to take care of her the horse. You sat in a chair near Korin. The last thing you remember before dozing off was:

“He’ll be fine. Sleep.” You slept.
 More tomorrow, if i'm in the mood..
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