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Chapter 12 and 13

This one I'm dedicating to Friday the 13th. There's an interesting story about friday the thirteenth, you see. The Knights Templar--you know, the guys with all the treasure, Indianna Jones had to deal with them to get the Holy Grail--well, on a Friday the 13th, in 1307, they were anhialated by the French King and the Pope because they were wealthy and the king & pope were not. So they were excommunicated from the Church--banned, in other words, as religious traitors--and if they were caught (a lot of them were) they were tortured and then burned at the stake. So that's why I celebrate friday the 13th. Good Job Templars! 

Chapter 12

You reached the door and Korin lifted the knocker, a huge brass affair, and released it, creating a noise like a thunderclap. The door creaked open, and Seth stood in the doorway, an expression devoid of emotion on his face, though his eyes glittered.
“Aylen. You’ve returned.” He said, almost monotonously. “And you’ve brought d- a guest, I see.” He corrected quickly. Korin didn’t seem to have noticed, but you weren’t positive, he seemed to be completely on edge in a way that was almost as foreign as Seth’s greeting.
“Please, come in.” Your brother offered. You both stepped through the threshold. You looked around; there was no sign of your parents, Korin slightly behind you and to one side.
“Seth, where are Mother and Father?” you asked him. He smiled oddly, as though pleased you’d asked.
“They are currently bogged down with some very important work. I will take you up, if you like,” he said politely. You nodded, brow furrowed. Seth wasn’t normally this nice to you. Or anyone, to be perfectly frank. A particle of dust—or something—floated into your eye, causing you to blink several times. When it was out, you sensed your brother behind you for barely a second, before you felt a sharp blow to the back of your neck, pitching you forward into unconsciousness.
Korin saw exactly what happened, and reacted. His sword was unsheathed within a fraction of a second, and he moved forward fast enough to catch her. He leveled the tip at her brother, knowing that he stood little chance, though he didn’t dare put Aylen down. He knew Seth’s type. Seth wouldn’t hesitate to use his sister’s limp figure as a shield. Or a weapon. Dread flooded Korin, unbidden, for Aylen, unable to know just how hard she’d been hit, how much damage had been inflicted. Seth smirked, knowing that Korin had been rendered little more than useless.
Seth took off again, at a speed that only a strong, well-fed, vampire could. He easily pinned Korin to the wall, holding him by the throat. Korin held Aylen’s body as much out of the way as he could, dropping his sword completely. Seth smirked at the incapacitated hunter before him.
“Right this way to your room, Sir Hunter. Please, leave all of your belongings here. Including my sister, if you will.” He said silkily. Korin gritted his teeth and held on to her tightly. Seth’s eyes narrowed and he squeezed a bit harder, moving his body closer to the hunter’s. Korin’s eyes widened fractionally as the vampire invaded his personal space.
“Drop her, or I swear I’ll kill her right here and now.” Seth hissed, loosing any pretended cordiality. Korin let Aylen slide down, against the wall. Seth smiled again, nastily.
“Good boy. Now…allow me to escort you to your room.” Seth said to Korin, shifting his grip to a different choke hold, making Korin stiffen in fury. Though, judging by where his other hand was; decidedly lower, and Korin’s facial expression; icy with a hint of nervousness; it wasn’t the choke hold that bothered the hunter. Out of the chamber and down three flights of stairs, Seth led Korin down to the dungeons, clearly enjoying his guest’s discomfort with the prolonged physical contact.

Chapter 13

You woke to your parents faces hovering worriedly over you, watching for signs of movement. You sat up with a groan.
“Ow.” You said, rubbing the back of your neck, where Seth had hit you.
“Aylen! You’re back! Are you alright?!” Your mother asked, almost frantic. Your father gave you some room, but looked just as concerned. You felt a surge of gratefulness toward your loving parents.
“I’m fine, Mum. Dad, what’s going on?” You asked, hugging your mother back.
“Seth trapped us in here a few days ago, without warning. When you left, he got increasingly excited about something, and then…took over.” He said, glaring at the door. You went over to it, and touched it.
“Wai—” Your father tried to warn you. A second later you jumped back with a yelp.
“Silver?” You inquired. Your father nodded; hand still out to try to stop you.
“Yes, he somehow installed it. I’m positive goblins were involved,” Your mother said, convinced. Goblins were famous for their metalworking, almost as famous as the Old World dwarves, who’d disappeared several hundred years ago. You nodded.
“Have you seen Korin?” you asked your parents. They looked confused. Your father arched an eyebrow.
“Korin?” you nodded.
“He…um…escorted me home,” you told them.
“Did he have red hair and a sword?” your mother asked kindly, before your father could say anything about young male escorts. Especially armed male escorts, though what good an unarmed escort would have been you didn’t know. You nodded excitedly.
“Yes! Has he left?” You asked hopefully. She shook her head, expelling your hopes.
“No, he came in with you and hasn’t left yet. Is he…err…human?” she asked, a doubtful look on her face. You nodded. Korin was as good as dead… especially with Seth in power. You tried not to think about it.
“We have to find a way out.” You said decisively. Your father looked up quickly, as did your mother.
“Silver door. Silver-barred windows. That’s what we’ll have to get around.” Your father warned, proffering his silver-scorched hands as proof. Your mother looked at you oddly, recognizing the look on your face. It was like Esiladae’s when he had a plan.
“Let me guess,” she asked resignedly, Esiladae had been quite the prankster. “You have a plan?” You smiled.
“You’re amazing, Mum. How’d you guess?” you asked teasingly, with bravado you didn’t feel. “As a matter-of-fact, I do indeed…” You motioned them closer, outlining your idea.
Two minutes later, your father stepped back, a look of awe on his face.
“Aylen, if this were any other time, I would ask what you’ve been doing for the past four months. But I won’t…because I really don’t want to know.” You smiled and walked over to the wall. Peering at the cracks, you selected a stone block that had the loosest mortar. Apparently, your parents had never learned of the loose block that Esiladae and you had found as children. The two of you would often spend rainy days trying to get it out, thinking that there was some kind of treasure inside, or a secret tunnel, or something. The stone blocks were huge, easily four feet square and hundreds of pounds in weight. No problem for a fully grown vampire to pull out, without mortar to get in the way. When you were older, you figured out that the block only led through the wall, to the corridor, and that there was no way to get treasure inside of it.
You went to work stabbing and hacking at the dratted stuff with the dagger Korin had given you.
Within the hour, you had hacked most of the remaining mortar out, leaving enough room to get a grip on the block. You moved out of the way.
“Dad, it’s ready.” He nodded, and with some effort, tugged the massive thing out, and set it down, out of the way. You sheathed the now uselessly dull knife, and hid it again.
You all slithered through the space where the block had been, landing silently on the stone floor. You went just as silently down the stairs, toward the main floor. You had almost made it, too, when a hand reached out of the shadows and grabbed you. Another hand covered your mouth, to keep you from screaming. One of your parents snarled behind you, cursing viciously.
“And what’s this I’ve caught?” breathed a voice in your ear. To your parents, Seth said:
“Well, now. What’s next in the great escape plan?  I have Aylen, and you do not. If you come with me, she gets to live a bit longer. If you resist…well, who knows?” Your parents narrowed their eyes in anger, but Seth was confident that they weren’t going to make any trouble, and risk their precious daughter. He was right.
“Fine. Lead the way.” Your father said in a growl. He wished he was younger, so that he could do more than quietly follow his malevolent son. Vampires age just as humans do, but much slower, a hundred vampire years to every one human year. But he couldn’t, and everyone knew it.
Seth was leading your family down toward the dungeon. He opened a door, wearing gloves to protect himself from the silver in it. He motioned your parents in, and threw you in, slamming the door behind you, and locking and barring it. You didn’t get a chance for your eyes to get used to the dim light, because a voice spoke up.

Enjoy! Its not my best work...but I hope you like it.



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