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Chapter 14 and 15

trying to finish it up. Just hang in there, please

Chapter 14

“And I thought it was just me he didn’t like,” You blinked, turning toward Korin’s voice. You found him a second later, leaning against the wall.
“Korin! What are you doing here?” You asked, rather redundantly.
“Just…hanging around.” His voice was offhand. You looked up, and saw that his hands were manacled to the wall. His shirt was ripped in a few places, the work of Seth, no doubt. You went to touch the manacles, but he jerked away.
“Don’t touch; I’m sure they’ve got silver on them.” It was hard to see much, in this light. One of your parents shifted their weight, standing more comfortably, as well as drawing your attention. It was your father.
“Why are you down here, young man?” he asked, keeping his voice as light as possible, trying not to show his uncertainty.
“As far as I know, Seth—was that his name?” You nodded, and he continued, “—didn’t like the color of my hair. Kind of biased, don’t you think?” He asked, turning toward you. It was a weak joke, as humor went, and everyone knew it. Your mother laughed a bit, the sound too high for perfect bravado, and came forward, so everyone could see each other. You introduced everyone.
“Mum, Dad; this is Korin, he…helped me get home.” He bowed as much as possible. “Korin, this is my mother, and that’s my father.” You noticed out of the corner of your eye that your father was the tiniest bit cold as they greeted him, his eyes narrowed slightly as he took in the man before him. Your mother, on the other hand, seemed to want to adopt him.

Chapter 15
Later, after your parents had retired to a corner, possibly to check the walls for any escape routes, which there weren’t, and you were sitting next to Korin; who had to stand; waiting, in case your brother came back, Korin sprang a question on you.
“Why didn’t you tell them? About Esiladae, I mean.” You looked up at him in surprise.
“Because, it wouldn’t have helped the situation any. Do you think they should know?”
He nodded grimly. “Yes, they should know. I think Seth already knows, though I don’t know how he found out. Somehow, he just doesn’t strike me as someone with much of an interest in his family’s wellness, if you know what I mean.” He said. You smiled wryly.
He didn’t mention Seth’s apparent sexual preferences. After all, how exactly does one bring up molestation without making a big fuss about it? Seth hadn’t done anything serious…yet.
“Whatever gave you that idea?” You asked mischievously, earning a look. He shifted, leaning back against the wall. Your eyes drifted almost magnetically toward the silver shackles.
“Don’t even think about it.” Korin said, watching you, with an odd look on his face. For a human, he was very good at guessing what you were thinking. It was kind of uncanny, the way he did that. You sighed, and returned to your thoughts, ignoring the near silent demands your stomach was starting to make.
“You all need to feed.” Korin stated, after a few minutes of silence, immediately gaining your full attention. ‘He heard?’ you thought, embarrassed. Korin had a calculating look on his face, clueing you in to his thoughts.
“You can’t be serious.” The look on his face showed you that he was indeed quite serious. “Korin, be reasonable. There are three of us. Even if I don’t feed, and my parents drink lightly, you’ll die. Look at what happened last time.” Your voice had risen in volume and timbre. It had effectively disturbed your parents, who came over before Korin had a chance to argue his point.
“What’s wrong, Aylen?” Your father asked, wondering what the red-head had said to upset his daughter. You continued to stare at Korin, who was showing a mule-like tenacity. It was he that answered your father’s question.
“She thinks that I’ve suddenly developed suicidal tendencies because I stated the obvious. We all need something to eat. I just happen to be an effective means of nutrition for you.” He stated quickly, before you could interupt him. The older vampire blinked, absorbing what he’d just said. His eyes narrowed, as did his wife’s.
“You…are willing to have your blood drunk, risking your own life, so that we have been…nourished?” He asked, questioning Korin’s motives. Korin nodded.
“I would rather that you, and your family, were powerful enough to deal with Seth; rather than attempting it myself, failing, and severely reducing any chance of life and or escape.” He stated, completely honest. There was no sign of cowardice in his voice, he’d taken inventory of the resources available and come to this conclusion. You closed your eyes, hoping dearly that your father would not agree. Your father was quiet for a very long time, consulting with your mother, mind to mind, about the decision.
“You do realize that you could easily die, correct?” He finally asked, somewhat hesitantly.
“Yes.” Korin said, dashing your hopes that he might see sense. No, his survival instincts appeared to have completely deserted him. You stood in silence for several minutes before your father grimaced, and stepped back, allowing your mother to go first. You looked away when she bit Korin. You tried, and failed, to ignore the sharp hiss of breath through clenched teeth that slipped from the red-headed hunter. Your mother drank quickly, taking only what was necessary. Your father looked at you, a polite invitation to drink. You shook your head, mildly nauseated by the thought of Korin being food. Again. He shrugged, and stepped up. You heard another low rumble of pain as another set of elongated canines sliced the thin skin on Korin’s throat. Your mother’s marks had already healed up and left a faint blemish over a non-lethal vein near Korin’s collarbone. Minutes later, your father’s had healed over, too. Korin had braced himself against the wall, leaning on it and allowing the manacles about his wrists help hold him up. You hesitated; he had already lost plenty of blood to your parent’s careful drinking.

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