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Chapters 16 and 17

chapter 16

“Come on.” He urged in a near-croak. You did, hunger finally getting the better of you. Korin didn’t wince when you bit him, though he did shift slightly closer, and tipped his head further to the side, giving you room. You drank sparingly, his blood flowing slowly down your throat, as sweet as it had been before. You disengaged quickly when you felt his heart-rate slow more. His eyes were half closed, and he was held upright almost solely by the wrists. Your brow furrowed.
“I’m fine,” he said after a moment, getting to his feet and leaning heavily against the wall. His eyes were closed now, and he was a lot paler than normal. You sighed, and turned around, to give him time to compose himself; resisting the sudden urge to kiss him and promise it wouldn’t ever happen again. Your parents were frowning, and talking quietly to each other. You moved closer, and heard:
“I thought they were all wiped out. Weren’t they?”
“Not…necessarily…” You walked over, curious.
“What’s wrong? Mom? Dad?” they looked at you and than at Korin.
“Nothing’s wrong…but…your friend isn’t…right, either.” Your mother told you. “He doesn’t taste right, and…I don’t know. There’s just something off about him. You father thinks that he might be a Virden, but they were wiped out eleven years ago. He would have been killed then.” She explained.
“It would explain the hair and eyes, too. They looked different from regular humans.” Your father added.
“But, don’t you think someone would have figured that out before now?” you asked, puzzled. He shrugged.
“Maybe, maybe not. People really don’t think that way. If anything, they would just tell themselves that he’d from down south.” Southerners were notorious for being odd looking. You looked at Korin. Now that your attention had been called to it, he really was quite odd.
Flaming hair and emerald eyes, he was tall and he had no memories of his childhood. He would have been alive during the Virden annihilation, too…

Chapter 17
Virden were a…subspecies, of sorts, mercenaries in a way. They were basically humans who existed for no other reason than to repel immortals; vampires, werewolves, malevolent spirits, etc. They had some innate magic, but not much, just enough for healing purposes. They were very strong and agile, for humans. Most had oddly colored hair, the result of small magic’s and protections put on them as babies. They also had a weakness. If an immortal drank their blood, a link formed between the two. The one with a stronger will at any given time would be dominant until the other took over. Werewolves, vampires, sprites and demons often tried to take advantage of this weakness.
          Needless to say, the Virden feared the link. They taught their descendants to never get bitten, or, if it did happen, one of the linked pair had to die. Not long ago, the immortal forces, largely vampires, massacred them. They were more than tired of the Virden killing them. Even if one of them was bitten; it killed its biter and then committed suicide. Unfortunately, Virden blood was very sweet, and posed a challenge to get. Young, foolhardy vampires would attempt to catch a Virden hunter, and would get killed. This had severely decreased the vampires’ population, and Aylen’s generation had gone from large to rather small as a result.
          It wasn’t long before you realized that Korin was staring back at you, a question in his eyes.
          “And are you ready to answer me?” He asked curiously, confirming your suspicion that he’d asked you a question. You blinked a few times.
          “Could you repeat the question?” You asked brightly, with a sheepish smile. Korin bite his lip, apparently resisting the urge to grin.
          “’What are you talking about?’ You’re all over there. I’m over here, and I can’t hear nearly as well as you can.” He explained.
          “Oh…sorry about that.” You said. You and your parents moved closer.
“We were just discussing the possibilities of your origin.” Your father added, earning a mild glare from you. Korin nodded, obviously not insulted.
“And what did you come up with?” He asked, curious as to what their theories were. He’d never met anyone so willing to try to find out. This family was defiantly odd, even by vampiric standards. Especially by vampiric standards, which were usually stricter than human codes of conduct.
“We think that you may have survived the Virden Massacre.” Your father stated. Korin blinked. He cocked his head slightly to the side. The look on his face told you that he knew the history, more or less.
“I see…” He trailed off. ‘That would explain the nightmares,’ he thought.
It appeared that he knew just how much trouble that could end up being. You watched his face closely as he turned this bit of news over. He turned to your mother.
“And what do you think?” He asked her. She shrugged.
“I agree, though if we’re right, it’s amazing that you managed to survive.” He went back to searching his faulty memory of his younger years. Nothing new. Just waking up in Leeta’s cottage, unable to remember anything. Something twisted in his gut. Aylen had more of an excuse than ever to hate him, if he was Virden. He had never hated his previously unknown heritage more than he did right now.
“It’s possible,” he concluded, standing up fully, away from the wall. He stretched out as much as was possible, which wasn’t much. He appeared to have resigned himself to this as the only answer.
A knock on the door made all of you jump. It opened a bit and something was rolled in. It started to spew smoke. You felt your eyelids droop before you even realized that it was a knock-out drug. Darkness rose to meet you even as you sank to the ground.




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