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chapters 18 and 19

chapter 18
It wasn’t long before you came round, though your position had changed drastically in that amount of time. You were now lying on the floor, silver handcuffs locking your hands behind your back, burning your wrists even as they cut into your skin. You blinked a few times, eyes getting used to the light. You were in the training room. It was large, with windows at the top of the ceiling. The shades had been drawn over them, and torches lined the walls, instead. You twisted around to see the rest of the room. Behind you, your parents started to come round as well. Korin was leaned against the wall not far away, without any bonds, still unconscious. Apparently his theory about your family having ‘half-a-chance’ to fight Seth was out of the question. Seth sat calmly in a chair, apparently watching with amusement. Your eyes narrowed, glaring at the grinning bastard. His smirk grew wider, showing the barest hint of fang.
“Do you actually have a reason for doing this?” Korin finally asked. You jumped. You had though he was unconscious. Apparently not, as he was standing now, hands loosely at his sides. Seth smiled. You hoped Korin had a plan. Otherwise, you were all dog-meat.
“Do I need one?” He asked nonchalantly. Korin shrugged.
“Not at all.” He growled. His eyes promised things of a painful sort. If Korin had anything to do with it, there would be no last will and testament for this psychopath. Seth seemed to have picked up on this as well. His smiled, and stood up, turning toward Korin. He was rather enjoying himself, his body was relaxed and at ease. Korin, on the other hand, was far from at ease, though he kept his body relaxed to increase his agility. He knew he had to get Aylen and her parents out of here, somehow, and he was still weak from their drinking earlier. He was tap dancing on quicksand and he knew it.
You struggled to twist out of the handcuffs, which only made them bite deeper. All you really accomplished was moving further away from the wall, a far more dangerous position. Above you, Seth was stalking closer and closer to Korin, like a cat. Seth moved with a burst of speed, forward, aiming for Korin’s throat, thinking to have some fun first. Korin ducked and hit him lower, his elbow colliding painfully with Seth’s ribs. Seth knocked him away, to the right. Korin tumbled and rolled, coming back up. Seth was facing him again, a new glint to his eye. He smirked, and feigned to the left with a wild hook that would have killed an elephant, driving Korin right, trying to avoid the powerful attacks. Seth dropped, and sent a low kick at Korin’s ankles. Korin jumped, a look of shock appeared on his face before a strike hit him squarely in the chest, throwing him backwards, into the wall.
You heard your father shout something vaguely encouraging, or it may have been an oath. You weren’t sure; your attention was currently on the fight before you. He managed to stumble up, coughing. Seth smirked, and feigned again, forcing him closer to you and your parents. He tried to circle back, and was rebuffed by several jabs. Korin blocked the last one, almost too slow, before Seth pinned him to the wall with a hand. Korin’s teeth gritted as oxygen was cut off, and he forced down the slight panic of being caught. Seth leered again.
“Well, now what? You’ve already killed my darling little brother,” your parents gasped—they had accepted help from the man who killed their son?!
“You bastard!” Seth ignored the outburst from his mother, still grinning manically. He had never imagined that his plan would turn out this…perfectly. It was decidedly refreshing.
“Is my sister your next target, then? I should think you can do that on your own. Dear Esiladae was a bit of a challenge, even with that spell, wasn’t he?” He smirked.
“You cursed your own brother?!” Korin snarled as best he could, despite the hand crushing his throat, his hands prying desperately at the long, cold fingers. You and your parents were really quite confused by now. Who had done what to whom? Seth snorted.
“Of course. I couldn’t have that little brat around to try and stop me, could I?” He asked rhetorically, tightening his grip. “They’re all far too soft, too kind. Why should we allow people like you to hunt us down like animals? Humans are food, or pets. That’s how they should remain.” Korin’s teeth clenched harder, against blacking out and in anger. He concentrated on not losing consciousness, and the anger helped, a bit. Seth chuckled sadistically as his eyes started to glaze over, darkness creeping into the edges of his vision as he fought to clear it.
“You aren’t going to get away with this,” The hunter managed to growl.
Seth laughed in his face. “And what are you going to do to stop me? Now, am I right in thinking you’ve never been bitten?” He laughed again. “You’d have killed yourself like those other pathetic ‘hunters’, so I must be.” He sank his canine teeth deep into Korin’s jugular vein, tasting the sugared blood of a Virdin mercenary. Korin barely seemed to register the pain, head already lolling with oxygen-deficiency as his hands fell away from Seth’s wrist.
Chapter 19
Needless to say, you were in shock. Seth had cursed Esiladae, who was killed by Korin, who was now being drunk by Seth, who had cursed Esiladae, who died. And all you could see was Korin’s body slumped against Seth’s shoulder; red hair a stark contrast to his now exceedingly pale skin. Tears sprang unbidden to your eyes.
          “Seth, I’ll kill you.” You whispered, the tears rolling sideways off your face. Whether Seth heard you, you would never know, and you really didn’t want to know. He shrugged Korin off, letting him hit the floor with a thud. He stood still, staring down at the prone man on the floor with a haughty look on his face. He waited a few minutes, prodding him with the toe of a highly shined boot every now and then. He arched a conceited eyebrow.
          “Hmm. Maybe I overdid it. Shame,” He said speculatively. He’d liked the Virdin; he tasted good, and would’ve been a good way to…unwind…after work, in bed. He had always liked the feisty ones. It was a pity they always broke. He turned away from Korin’s body. “What now?” He asked himself. He appeared to be counting off a list of things to do in his head. What he didn’t notice was Korin, who had—somehow—regained consciousness. Korin had managed to pull himself to his feet, using the wall as a support, before Seth turned around. Seth just smiled.
“Ah, good. You are still of use. Now,” he moved toward the chair, sitting down again, quite satisfied that Korin would obey. “I want you to do me a little…favor.” You could hear the command in his voice already. “Kill them.” He said, waving a lazy hand at you and your parents. You paled. That would be no challenge for Korin, even as severely weakened as he was; how difficult was it to kill three handcuffed people? Korin shook his head slightly, apparently trying to clear it. Seth smirked, and handed him a sword. It was Korin’s sword, glittering with deadly light. Korin accepted it, eyes looking obediently dull. He turned toward your parents. You couldn’t see what was going on very clearly, they were behind you, but you heard a shout and the clear ringing of steel on silver. You heard your mother gasp your father’s name and a body thrashing around, followed by another clash. Korin walked over to you. His back was to Seth, who was looking on with disinterest, bored with the proceedings. Tears were pouring down your face as you looked up at his face, which was creased in a frown.
“I don’t want to die,” you surprised yourself by whispering. You hadn’t though you could force your throat to work. Oddly enough, his eyes were clear. Did he just mouth ‘I know’? No, couldn’t be. He raised his hand toward his face, and touched his finger to his lips, motioning for you to stay quiet. He stabbed down with the sword. Your eyes involuntarily squeezed shut.

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