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chapter 22 and 23

Chapter 22

You and your parents had barely fed Korin and shown him to a room before he collapsed, deeply asleep. He woke briefly a few times over the next three days, allowing you to pour some soup down his throat, but sleep seemed to be the best thing for him, so you left him alone. Or, rather, you didn’t wake him up. You often sat in a chair next to the bed and watched him sleep.
On the third day, Korin sat up, blinking in the light shed by the low bedside candle. You were sitting in a chair next to the bed, fast asleep. He climbed out of bed, shaking his head. Silently, he lifted you off the chair, and, leaning over, tucked you into the bed, because he knew he would never find your room. You barely reacted to the change in position. Korin attempted to straighten up, but a hand on his shirt stopped him.
You, still asleep, had a handful of his shirt in your hand, holding him close. He could feel his face heat up; a blush was spreading unseen across his face. Carefully, so as not to wake you, he gently loosened your grip until he could pull free. Korin froze as you turned in your sleep. You muttered something. Korin had been close enough to hear, and he blushed even more. Once freed, he turned away quickly, and left the room, his passage blowing out the candle.
You woke up the next morning, confused. You had had a very odd dream last night. It took you a minute to clear your sleep-clouded mind, before you realized that you were in a bed. You couldn’t remember leaving that chair…Upon further inspection; it turned out to be Korin’s bed.
‘That wasn’t a dream, then.’ You thought, face red. There was no sign of Korin in the room. If he’d heard what you thought he may have heard, you didn’t blame him for leaving the room. You mentally slapped yourself for falling asleep, and above all, for falling in…love…with him. There was no way he would return your feelings. You were a vampire and he was Virden. The only Virden, thanks to your people. He had plenty of reasons to hate vampires now, even if he hadn’t before. You felt ready to cry.
Korin, meanwhile, was still recovering from his shock. Conflicting thoughts were whirling around in much the same way they had last night.
‘There must have been some mistake…I’ve finally lost my mind…I’m dreaming…oh damn, that’s her father’; just to name a few of his thoughts.
Her father dropped down beside Korin, who was currently perched on a wall out in the garden, where he’d been since around four in the morning. They sat there in silence for a while, Korin waiting for…something; her father trying to straighten out what he wanted to say, concerning Korin and, of course, Aylen.
“Aylen thinks very…um…highly of you.” he said hesitantly. Korin suppressed a wince. ‘Is he joking with me?’ He wondered pessimistically to himself.
“Thank you.” Korin replied, trying to drown the depression threatening to overcome him. The two sat in silence for a while longer, each battling their own thoughts. ‘There’s no way that she could possibly think highly of me. I killed her brothers, for crying out loud! First time we met, she tried to kill me, and I don’t blame her! To make matters worse, her parents have good reason to hate me, too.’ Korin’s thoughts continued along this depressing path.
Little did he know, Aylen’s father was thinking similar things, though, they weren’t quite so simple feelings. ‘She likes him! But how can she? He killed my son!’ He no longer regarded Seth as his son, for fairly obvious reasons. ‘Plus, he’s Virden. He’s been taught since birth to hate our kind! Although he did seem sincere when he asked what we thought…no, not thinking about that…Right now, he’s probably planning to avenge his clan, starting with us…Not that I can really fault that, either,’ he thought grimly. He would want to avenge his family also. Esiladae’s death angered and saddened him greatly, though, at the moment, he really wasn’t sure who had killed him. Korin had struck the blow, but Seth had cursed him, and had set it up for him to get killed. If Korin hadn’t killed him, someone else would have. But then, someone else wouldn’t have ended up at their home, and probably would have killed Aylen on sight…Obviously, her father was finding it quite difficult to really lay blame on Korin, as much as he may have wanted to. He growled deep in his throat, earning a slightly wary glance from Korin. It seemed to be a habit in this family. Aylen would also growl when she were frustrated or annoyed. Not that this really comforted him much, she were never the easiest to be around when frustrated or annoyed. Doubtless her father was similar.
Chapter 23
A sudden grumbling emanated from Korin’s stomach, and he looked down with a grimace. “Damn.” Aylen’s father looked at Korin with a raised eyebrow, wondering just how long he had been planning on waiting before eating. Apparently, most of the morning.
“Do you mind if I get something to eat?” Korin asked, losing that battle with himself.
“By all means…” her father sighed, waving a hand in the direction of the facilities.
Korin walked to the kitchen, and right as he entered you happened to be walking in from the other entrance. Suddenly you were face to face with him and you remembered last night with rather astonishing clarity.
‘Oh…damn,’ you thought. ‘Oh please…let him not have heard that last night…’
“So…getting some food…” you said, before wondering why you were explaining yourself to him, especially for something so obvious.
“That is why one is generally in the kitchen, yes…” He replied, not looking at you.
“I know that…” you countered half-heartedly.
Korin went to the cabinet, having gained permission from your father, and after searching for awhile came upon some bacon. He then went to the fireplace and placed a frying pan on it. Soon the bacon was sizzling.
“Can I have some?”
“…May all your bacon burn.”
“I’m joking...Yes, you can have some…it’s your house, anyway. I can’t really stop you from getting food in your own house…” His voice was decidedly flat, making it difficult for you to discern whether or not he actually had been joking. You were rather inclined toward not.
You took some of the bacon and started to eat it. The atmosphere became even more noticeably awkward.
“Hand me some eggs,” Korin said, without looking up from the frying pan. He held out a hand.
You grabbed some from the ice room, (a small room with an ice spell on it,) and handed them to him. Your hands didn’t even touch as he took the eggs from you. He started cooking the eggs, flipping them expertly. Obviously, Leeta had taught him how to cook more than just trail food. You decided to try to move the conversation away from the breakfast topic.
“About the other night—”
“It’s fine. I’m use to vampires trying to kill me; it’s what I do…” He suddenly stopped talking; belatedly remembering that anything in his profession was not the best, conversation-wise, to be talking about with a vampire.
You, however, had barely noticed the comment, having been trying to gather your thoughts into something resembling what you wanted to say. Suddenly you couldn’t take it anymore. It was too unfair that the two of you would part ways like this.
“Korin, I—”
Korin looked up for the first time, eyes hard.
“You…what?” he asked, after you didn’t finish your sentence.
“I…want some eggs, please…” You then mentally beat yourself for not spitting it out.
Korin handed you the plate full of eggs, suddenly lacking any appetite whatsoever, and you slowly devoured them, using this as an excuse to come up with some way of telling him.
“I should probably leave soon…” He trailed off, busying himself with a sudden interest in another glass of water.
Your voice caught in your throat, and you had to swallow to clear it again.
“I suppose that is for the best, then…”
He took your empty plate, and promptly dumped it in the sink like he had a personal grudge against it. Maybe he didn’t like the design on it. He turned, but didn’t look at you.
“Uh…” You looked up expectantly. “I just wanted to say that…I’m sorry for…for killing your…brother.” You looked at him, amazed. He was still beating himself up about that?
“Don’t be, it wasn’t your fault. You didn’t brainwash him, right? Why would I blame you for what he did?”
“…He was your brother.”
“Of course, but at least Seth didn’t kill him.” he winced at this. “I’m sorry that I tried to kill you and all.” You told him, referring to your meeting a month and a half ago.
“Well, I suppose if someone had killed my family, I’d want revenge, too.”
This didn’t help with your issues on your kind killing off his, and it showed on your face.
“Not that I really remember my clan. At all.” He added hastily, having finally looked up.
“You saved my parents...” You looked down, almost shy.
Your father and mother seemingly appeared out of nowhere. In all actuality, they had been listening for a while and were not going to let you butcher this moment. At least, your mother wasn’t. Your father would have sat back and watched you slaughter the moment quite happily.
“Yes, and as thanks for helping us, we would like to give you our daughter’s hand in marriage!” Your mother announced, deciding to take matters into her own hands, elbowing your father sharply in the ribs before he could protest.
You and Korin just stared at them. Or, rather, her. Your father was just as dumbstruck. Possibly more so.
“Oh, I couldn’t possibly, I was just at the right place—”
“Mom, don’t even suggest such ridiculous thing—”
“Not that I wouldn’t love to—”
“There’s no way…Wait…WHAT?!” You shouted, turning to him. Korin immediately clammed up, a hand covering his mouth.
“Did you just say you wanted to marry me?!” you asked accusingly.
“Ye- I mean, No; err…argh.” His face was red, and he wouldn’t meet your eyes. He muttered something into his hand, too softly for you to hear.
Your eyebrow rose, and you blinked, curious now.
“Did you just say what I think you said?” You asked, trying hard not to get your hopes up. “I mean—I, um, really lo—ve,” you winced as your voice squeaked on the word, but you continued quickly, “you too.” You finished, almost as red in the face as he was—quite the accomplishment. Your mother was smiling broadly, while your father stared in growing horror.
“Oh. Um. That’s—great,” Korin’s voice was rather strangled. “I—I—” He took a quick breath, trying to stop stuttering like a fool. “Yes, I love you,” he admitted. “I think I’ve loved you from the start.”
“Do you really mean it?” you asked, not daring to believe your good fortune.
“Of course I mean it,” He said, “But…I’m not sure why—or how—you can…love me…I mean, I kill your kind. For a living.” He added, emphasizing the point further with his hands.
“Just the psychopaths; and I don’t really care for them either…” 
“I try.” He said, smiling weakly through his blush.
“Well? Aren’t you going to kiss her?” Your mother exclaimed indignantly, while she handed your father a glass of the hardest liquor kept in the castle.
“Don’t you dare, boy,” Your father growled; accepting the liquor; his eyes narrowed dangerously, quite ready to kill Korin for doing anything of the kind. You saw a mischievous glint suddenly appear in your beloved’s eye. He grinned, looking at you. He grabbed you, and quickly kissed your cheek, just to infuriate your father, before he pulled you outside the room.
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